Gundog Training

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Started Gundogs

Our Started Training Includes: 

Basic Obedience: Sit, Heel (on and off leash), recall
 Sit to whistle, recall to whistle, permanent stay,
Place training
Hold conditioning (through non-force methods)
Load and unload into boat, stand, vehicle
Kennel training 
Basic handling left/right/back + stop to whistle
Holding/hunting an area on command + hunt whistle
Basic water work
Basic honor work
Basic lining
Introduction to marking
Introduction to blind retrieves
Introduction to gunfire thru 12-gauge shotgun
Retrieve bumpers, cold game, and fresh game, delivering to hand

Intermediate Gundogs

Our Intermediate Training Includes: 

Ability to be handled left/right/back to at least 100 yards on land
Ability to be handled left/right/back in water to at least 50 yards
Working in mid to upper level complex situational retrieves
Lining work to at least 100 yards
Blind retrieves to at least 75 yards
Marking to at least 100 yards

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Finished Gundogs

Our Finished Training Includes: 

Handling left/right/back to long distance on land
Handling left/right/back to long distance on water
Proficiency in complex situational retrieves
Negotiating fences and other high barriers

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One-on-one Private Training & Coaching

Enjoy, private, one-on-one training with an instructor. You will receive training which is personally designed for you and your dog. You set the pace for your dog's training as you put the work into training your dog in between private sessions. 

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Group Training & Coaching

Group training is offered for both beginner dogs and handlers as well as advanced group training for handler and dogs in advanced levels of training. When hunting in the field you and your dog will be expected to be able to work together in a group. This is a great addition to your dog's training, to ensure you and your dog have the best experience when out in the field. 

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Workshops & Seminars

We offer workshops and seminars at private events and clubs. We also host outside trainers from well respected kennels to come to our facility and share their knowledge with our clients. 

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