Made to Order: Art & Unique, Hand-Designed Products Celebrating Purebred Dogs & What They Do!

All designs are created by me! Many products are created by hand by me and for others I partner with outside print providers to offer even more product options and get products to you faster! *Please Note: I am unable to have large amounts of inventory on hand, therefore all products are made to order! Be sure to allow 2-5 weeks for your order to be crafted and shipped to you! Thank you!

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About Me

I am blessed to be a single mom to a beautiful, sassy girl, who I also homeschool. I also run a dog training and grooming business with my mom. She started breeding Golden Retrievers in the 90's and we continue to co-breed, compete, show and hunt with our goldens. 

I absolutely love dogs! I am fascinated by all of the work the founders of the various breeds put in to establish these purebred dogs, and I am equally impressed by all of the breeders who have since preserved the breeds we know today. 

It is my goal to produce beautiful works of art, through the use of various mediums (water color, ink, digital, acrylic, 3d gel, marker paper, and more!) to showcase purebred dogs. I love to produce pieces that display dogs in action and doing what they were bred to do, as well as various whimsical and quirky pieces, adding in accents or taking a strong rugged dog and adding florals to soften them up. However, most often, I simply want to produce a piece that is beautiful to look at or wear on the other products I produce. In all of my pieces my main goal is to showcase and promote purebred dogs.

Services, Licensing & Customizations

I offer a collection of services and customization options. Whether you are looking to tweak a design I already have created, want a completly customized logo, looking for a design to resell or promote your club or business with, wanting to license my designs for large scale production of products or are looking for an illustrator for a book or designer for your club trophies and events, I am ready to work with you!

The following collection of services and customizations are available for immediate scheduling. Once you have made your purchase you will be placed in the queue. The queue page will let you know how far out I am currently booked and when to expect your design to be worked on.